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The Basics of ESWT

ESWT or Extracorporeal ShockWave Therapy produces sound waves with a very specific waveform eliciting a strong cellular response. The sudden change in pressure caused by the shockwaves triggers the cells to respond as it would to trauma, increasing your healing time by up to 20x.

The sound waves are pulsed into the body, directly where your indication is located, using a hand-held device that is pain-free. This results in the opening of existing blood vessels and the growth of new ones as well. It additionally stimulates cellular tissue repair resulting in better improved, or even normalized, sexual function.

Numerous studies show the release of growth factors, anti-inflammatory agents, and an improved blood supply in response to ESWT.

This new technology has proven to be groundbreaking in sports medicine, pain management, wound care, and even many urological indications!

What Do The Treatment/Device Look Like?

What the treatment looks like:

What the device looks like:


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Even More About The Technology!

SoftWave Therapies Stem Cell Machine powered by TRT is the most advanced, highly effective, non-invasive treatment cleared by the FDA to treat degenerative conditions and chronic pain. The Stem Cell Machine powered by TRT delivers the most effective Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (“ESWT”) available.

During Stem Cell Machine Therapy, or ESWT, high energy sound waves are applied to painful and injured areas of the body to dramatically stimulate healing and regeneration. It works by helping to stimulate and improve your body’s own healing capability by enhancing blood circulation and stem cell activity to regenerate damaged tissue.

Beneficial effects are often experienced in only one or two treatments and there is no downtime! This non-surgical treatment can eliminate pain, restore mobility, and significantly improve a person’s quality of life. It is a vitally important stand-alone treatment with both short and long term effects.

The patented “SoftWave” technology uses various lens configurations to produce pressure waves. These waves have a characteristic pressure profile of short rise-times reaching high amplitudes (comparable to a sonic boom). The pressure waves can be shaped through a reflector, which enables the transmission of either highly-focused SoftWave for use on urinary stones or non-union fractures, or soft-focused pressure waves (i.e., SoftWaves) for most soft tissue indications.
TRT’s patented SoftWave technology is distinguished from competitors’ shockwave technology in that TRT uses a patented parabolic (as opposed to an ellipsoid) reflector in the therapy head, which allows delivery of unfocused waves of acoustic energy over a broad target area. TRT’s SoftWave technology generates less pain, has a higher efficacy rate, and has a lower re-treatment rate than competitors’ high-energy, focused shockwave systems. 
The advantages of
 SoftWave technology include the following benefits:


  • are non-invasive
  • do not require anesthesia
  • are pain-free
  • have an incredible success rate
  • produce long-lasting results

Painless Treatments

With the ability to change energy levels and provide a non-invasive treatment, we are able to work with everybody's pain tolerance.

No Daily Medications

From weaning off opiates to getting natural erections again, our device will have you off the pills in no time! Our treatments result in long-term relief.

Zero Risk of Infection

Zero Downtime

Our non-invasive technology eliminates any risk of infection that is inevitable with surgery and will even eliminate scar tissue from past surgeries.

The short, painless, in-office procedure enables you to fit Softwave into your busy schedule without needing to plan for downtime after treatments.

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