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StemWave Northwest was founded by 2 healthcare professionals, Connie and Jonathan. They have practices in various sectors of the health-care industry, but both found a tremendous increase in the wellbeing of their patients utilizing an Extracorporeal ShockWave Therapy. This led them to create a new practice, StemWave Northwest, where they could focus on providing this treatment to those located in the Seattle, Washington area. This treatment produces sound waves with a very specific waveform eliciting a strong cellular response and a large increase in blood flow. This patented technology works great for:

  • Knee Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Foot & Ankle Pain
  • Urology (ED, PD, CPP)
  • A variety of further acute and chronic pain conditions
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About Connie & Jonathan:

Connie Amundson

Connie Amundson has been serving patients in Seattle for over 35 years, taking a personalized approach to each person’s needs and goals. The desire to help others lead fulfilling lives led her to a career in chiropractic, which has always included attention to the three components of health: structure, chemistry, and mind/ emotions. Her ideal patient is already proactive about healthful lifestyle practices, but is looking for help addressing chronic pain, fatigue, stress, or other problems which are preventing optimum wellness. Many performing artists and athletes, who understand that their instrument deserves to be well-tuned, have benefitted from Connie’s treatments. She looks for the underlying cause of patients’ problems, whether from injury or muscular deconditioning; chemical toxicity or nutritional deficiency; and/or stress-related issues. This approach is traditional in chiropractic, and pairs perfectly with her use of Stemwave therapies. As a resident of Seattle, Connie takes advantage of our many opportunities for outdoor recreation such as hiking, swimming, camping, kayaking, and skiing as well as cultural activities such as movies, plays, and reading.She took up a long-delayed dream of studying Norwegian and Scandinavian Studies at the University of Washington, wherein 2018, she received a Master’s Degree in Scandinavian Studies and now continue on with doctoral studies.

Jonathan Silliman

Jonathan Silliman is a practitioner of Classical Five Element Acupuncture, a synthesis of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean techniques that incorporate heat therapy and East Asian bodywork such as shiatsu and tui na, as well as needling. After graduating from Sarah Lawrence College in 2005, he took various jobs in civil engineering, publishing, and marketing. In 2009, he had a near-death experience in a hospital setting, and spent the next several months in a state of sustained shock. Fortunately, he had family members acquainted with the leaders of the Wu Hsing Tao School of Classical Five Element Acupuncture. After becoming familiarized with it, he made an appointment and thought,  “it was as though someone had unwrapped a funerary shroud from around my head, and I was able to breathe and see and hear like my old self again”. He sought treatment in this system of medicine originally for physical issues, but the mental and emotional changes that resulted from treatment changed his life. Jonathan found interest in Stemwave therapy when he saw the natural benefits they brought to his life.

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